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Women who ride feature: Q&A with Emily Splinter

How and When did you get into the “moto” lifestyle?

Well, I’ve been on and around bikes since I could walk I had a little 50 when I was proably around 3. I grew up farm and trail riding on my dads land. It wasn’t until about 3 or 4 years ago that I actually started “motocross” and actual track riding!!!

Do you work on your own bike?

Yes, I do all my own basic maintence! I like learning about mechanical work so I can do that on my own as well.

There aren’t many ladies riding at the track, what made you decide to give it a try?

I’ve always been a tom boy growing up so it’s not out of the ordinary to participate in male activities. A couple of my friends rode motocross tracks so I got my first MX bike (cr125) and started riding because I thought it was badass.

You are pretty small, how do you pick it off the stand?

It took a lot of getting used it because the bike was so awkward. I actually found it helpful to put my handle bar on my forearm and lift it with my inner elbow, if that makes sense.

Have you sustained any injuries from motocross? How did that happen?

I’ve had a sprained ankle, a messed up knee, and 4 concussions since I’ve started MX in addition to typical cuts and bruises. I actually broke my collar bone on a BMX bike and rode my dirtbike with it broken. After crashing again I made it worse and ended up having surgery.

What made you return to the track?

I don’t like to give up! The only thing I could think of was not being able to ride and realizing how much I truly loved it. I Wanted to get back on right away!

What is your favorite obstacle?

I really enjoy the uphill rollers at MCMotopark. I’ve always had trouble with rollers but now that I have my own technique at them i feel a lot more confident going through them!

Sand or Hard Pack?

I like sand, it really keeps you on your toes because you can’t be going slow in sand or you’ll fall, and if you do it doesn’t hurt as bad!! Haha

Jumps or corners?

Definitely jumps!!! I love clearing new jumps. It feels awesome being in the air. I have a little more trouble with corners, especially tight ones because I can’t touch the ground. Tipping over is always in the back of my mind and that I won’t be able to dab my foot to prevent a tip over.

What area are you trying to improve at the most?

Speed for sure. It’s hard holding on to my crf250 at times, especially when I forget to squeeze with my legs because the bars wobble and slows me down. I think that with more seat time I can really work on letting my bike do the work and be in more control.

What is your best moto memory?

This is the hardest question because I make new awesome memories every time I go to ride.  Motocross is truly the best sport and everyone is like a big family. If I had to choose, I would say attending my first pro national race at Spring Creek! It was crazy seeing it on tv every year, but to experience watching the pros up close and the atmosphere of the track made me want to go to like every pro race lol.

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