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Where are they now? Catching up with Killy Rusk

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

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(Thanks to Midwest Moto Media for the pictures)

Since retiring from Motocross, what have you been up to? Do you ever hit up the local races just for fun?

I moved out to Indiana so my wife could be closer to her family, Got a real job, and I am back in school. I do a bit of cycling now. I did 2 local races here in the midwest just for fun but those were bad in February/March. To my surprise I didn’t really motivate me to race again haha. Haven’t been on my dirt bike since.

Speaking of competition, how do you get the adrenaline pumping now that your pro racing career is over?

Like I said I do a lot of cycling. Im challenging my self to do good enough to go pro in mountain biking but thats probably more of a dream than anything. I do bit of other bike racing in other disciplines ( cyclocross, crits, gravel fondos).

As someone that has made it to the top the hard way (privateer), what is some advice that you can give aspiring riders that you wish you knew ahead of time?

Win amateur races and meet as many people as you can when you do. Once you turn pro if your not in the top ten its pretty hard to be see/ recognized by anyone so coming from the amateur world with good contacts is key. And most importantly top 10s are the only way to get out of the privateer pits.

Motocross is an expensive sport, especially for those that are funding it out of their own pocket. What are the essential add-on parts that a bike needs to race for the weekend warriors? What is a waste of money?

If your going to spend money on anything, spend it on your suspension and have it done by someone who knows what they are doing. A fast motor isn’t any good if you can’t control it or ride it correctly.

We are now into the Off-Season for most of us, what are some pro tips to stay at the top of your game in the gym?

What off season? No such thing haha. Off season means there are no races. Most guys may take a week off. But no one stops training. Instead of traveling Thursday or Friday your riding then doing race imitations on Saturday. Then starting all over on Monday. It never stops.

Did/do you work with a nutritionist to make sure that your diet is in check? Do you watch your weight carefully or just see how you feel?

No I couldn’t effort that stuff. I have always followed the cycling scene somewhat closely and seen what they do and don’t eat. So I based a lot of what I did off them. But no I never had a diet or anything like that. But since you asked I have been vegan for quite a while now and I have never felt better. I wish I would have went vegan when I was racing…. I may have done better, maybe….. hard to tell.

Sometimes going to the gym all the time can really get to be a grind, what activities did/do you do for cross training?

I hated the gym. When I was racing I rode my dirt bike almost everyday. Cycling helps a lot, its a good cardio workout and helps mix up the workouts.

A lot of racers make a winter trip to get in some seat time, can you give some insight about the best way to use that time? Should we be working on drills? Ripping laps? Hucking the big triples?

Me and my Dad would always take off in the winter. We would spend a couple months either in Texas or after I turned pro we were in California riding SX. Like I said before the training never stops, lots of laps, seat time is key. No better way to get stronger and ride a dirt bike faster then actually riding.

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