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Essential MX Track Spotlight: The Club at Willow Creek, Whipple, OH

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

Instead of shopping on Black Friday, we had the opportunity to rip some laps at The Club at Willow Creek in Whipple, OH... 

The track is owned by Sandy and James Isard, who have a background in riding motocross.  So, they know how to keep the track looking prime, and they make sure everyone has a lot of fun practicing at their facility.

The overall length of the track is nearly a mile long and is very rider friendly when it comes to safety.  All of the bigger jumps are tabletop style with safe landings in case you come up short.  While we were there, we saw a variety of skill levels ranging from beginner riders on mini bikes to A guys throwing nasty whips and nearly dragging bars through the turns.  In addition to the jumps, there were a lot of bowl type corners similar to an AX or SX style track.  The track moisture was perfect and the corners had awesome ruts on both the inside and the outside lines (see attached pics). There are also a few elevation changes, which is good as most tracks I have been to in Ohio are pretty flat. The overall track layout also keeps top speeds down for safety but remains challenging with the variety of technical obstacles. Generally, I was in 2nd-3rd gear on my crf450 and could rip around the track pretty well.

As with most tracks in Ohio, WillowCreek MX has a clay base.  However, unlike most clay tracks that turn into cement and dust once it starts to dry out, this track held its moisture really well. When talking to James about it, he said they have worked in a mixture of mulch and sand into the dirt which makes for a much better motocross surface. It’s also a lot easier on your tires and more forgiving in case of a crash.  Another thing to note is that there were not many rocks on the track, which, as we all know, does not happen by accident. They must do daily workouts of rock cleanup, which is both time consuming and very appreciated.

Another major score is the atmosphere.  As I mentioned above, the track owners have a background in moto and were very involved the entire time we were there.  They take care of sign in, parking, track maintenance, and even cooked a thanksgiving dinner for everyone after we were finished riding for the day.  Sandy and James are definitely in it to provide an awesome day for everyone.  They came around multiple times to talk moto with us and all of the other riders. I thought it was really cool to have a family owned business atmosphere and that definitely makes me want me to come back.

Overall, we felt that this is a great option for riders that are looking to practice their skills. Since they don’t have races, this is a practice track type of facility that will help improve throttle control, body positioning, cornering with momentum, and riding ruts while remaining safe.  As I mentioned above, the track is great, but Sandy and James really make the riding experience exceptional.  To check this track out for yourself, check out their website at:

There are also some videos on YouTube here:

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