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Essential MX sits down with Cody VanBuskirk #570

Photos courtesy of Midwest Moto Media.

Hey, Cody, thanks for taking a few minutes to answer some questions for our readers at Essential MX.

With the offseason starting up in the Midwest, what do you do to keep your skills fresh on the bike?

I got down to Club Mx in South Carolina about two weeks ago (early November).  I’ll be spending the next few months riding and training here to get ready for the 2018 season.

Speaking of skills, do you work with a riding coach?  Do you ride every day, or do you work certain areas on certain days? 

Right now, I am mainly just focusing on seat time and getting the base laps in riding supercross.  If you aren’t breathing correctly on a Supercross track you will get fatigued within a couple laps.  The obstacles are no joke, and last thing you want to do is make a big mistake because you are tired.

Most amateur riders have to go to open ride days, so what is the best way to get faster for the weekend warrior?

Seat time: there’s no other way around it.  You can be a hero in the gym, but, when it comes to riding a dirtbike, you need to ride it to get faster.

When you analyze your riding, do you look at pictures or videos of yourself?

I feel like those are two very good ways to analyze your riding. When I have someone available to take pictures or record videos, I’m all about it, but that’s usually not the case when I practice.

One of the most underrated things that people talk about is line selection.  How do you go about picking the fastest and smoothest lines?  Do you have a plan before the race, or just evaluate as you go?

If you have a hot lap at the race, that’s the perfect time to check out all the lines and see what looks good and bad.  At most of the local races, you don’t get that option so you just have to send it and evaluate as you go. Haha!

How do you work on building confidence as a rider?

Training and racing.  If you put in the work during the week, the weekends won’t be as tough and stressful. When you’re fully prepared and you win or meet your goals for that race, that’s when you’re feeling good and having fun.

Can you do a quick summary of your typical week of training?  How many days per week do you ride, go to the gym, et cetera? Do you lift weights or do mostly cardio?

Right now, I am riding supercross 4-5 days a week. I do four days of cardio and three days of strength training.  Also, mobility and foam rolling for recovery.  That stuff will change a bit once it gets closer to the season, but my long time trainer/good friend Drew Whitehead gets me dialed in with all of that stuff.

What type of workouts are you doing to prepare for a Pro Moto at full speed?

Well, other than doing 35 minute motos on the bike, I also do a lot of cycling, mountain biking, rowing, and different types of circuits in the gym.

Let’s shift to nutrition.  Do you have a strict diet plan?  Can you give us an example of a typical day’s food intake?

I’ll start by saying I definitely eat very clean.  I eat as much REAL food as possible.  I don’t necessarily watch how many calories and/or carbs that I consume because it depends on what I do that day.  If I have a full day of riding and training, I literally eat as much as I can to refuel my body for the next day.  Race weight for me is about 170 lbs: anything less and I get weak and lose energy.  I do constantly step on the scale to make sure I’m within range, but that could just be my wrestling background coming into play.  Haha!

With such a full schedule, do you handle most of your own bike maintenance?

Yes, I do all the basic maintenance on my bikes: oil changes, filters, tires, clutches, et cetera.  Tom Zont does all of my engine mods and, he makes sure I’m on one of the fastest bikes possible.

Also, I would like to say thanks to my sponsors!

Woodstock KTM, Tom Zont racing, Decal works, Parts unlimited, Evs, Thor, Alpinestars, 100%, FMF, Rynopower, Mx-Tech, Amsoil, Renthal, & Moto seat.

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