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EMX Product Review: Weatherboots Floormats

We were recently given the opportunity to try out a set of Weatherboots Floor Mats ( for my 2013 Chevy Silverado. Considering that most of us Motocross riders are getting our vehicles really dirty at the track on a regular basis, a pair of high quality floor mats are a necessity; especially considering a new truck is around $50k.

First, I would like to think about the stock mats that came with my truck. They are essentially a second layer of carpet over the floor. They are okay for keeping light dirt off the carpet, but have virtually no side coverage; and if your feet are wet, muddy, or full of salt (living in chicago) it’s also going directly onto the carpet. Unless you have a plain vinyl floor, this is a quick way to ruin the carpet/interior.

Since the stock mats are pretty much a throw away item, we set out to find the best aftermarket product available. Initially, we looked into multiple brands including Husky, Chevy Off-Road Mats, Weather Tech, and Weather Boots. After seeing them all first-hand, we have come to the conclusion that Weatherboots are, by far, the superior option available for your truck/van/SUV. These are also made locally in St. Charles, Illinois instead of outsourced to foreign manufacturers.

Some of the biggest improvements over stock are:

Full coverage- These mats cover not only the foot area, but offer a lot over protection around the sides, as well. These cover a lot more floor area than Weather Tech, keeping mud in the mats and not on your carpet!

The model that we tested (WB#380 Classic) have carpet inlayed in the bottom- In addition to looking cool, it also keeps your shoe from sliding around while driving compared to a plastic tray. Also, note that dirt stays in the floor mats and not on the floor!

Multiple styles to choose from- The HD version essentially has a spray-in bed liner material while the TP has a tread plate design. They also work on top of vinyl flooring and will not slide around!

The plastic is high quality!- It is not flimsy at all and the sturdy design is what keeps them in place. They are measured using a laser to ensure a perfect fit for any vehicle. It also comes with velcro that you can use, however we did not find it necessary as they stayed in place perfectly without it.

While in Ohio over the past holiday weekend, I had the opportunity for my friends and family to check them out. They also ride motocross and realize how important high quality floor mats are. However, prior to seeing them in person they didn’t give much thought to shopping around for the best mats for their trucks...until they saw the Weatherboots mats. Every person was very surprised with the high quality materials, style, and finish of the mats when compared to what originally came in their trucks.

To get a pair for your vehicle, make sure to check out the website at or call (814)512-9010.

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