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EMX Product Review: A’ME Grips

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

When it comes to grips for your bike, there are a variety of brands and options available.

When it comes to grips for your bike, there are a variety of brands and options available. If you have ever ridden a dirt bike, you are probably familiar with Renthal, Pro Taper, and ODI. Within each manufacturer there are different compounds ranging from soft, medium, hard, and texture and full waffle, half waffle, and diamond, just to name a few. Since most grips range from $10-$25 and are a high wear item, I usually try out different brands when it’s time to replace them. I have been using the ODI Lock on grips lately because they are easy to install and take off, last a long time, and seem to fit my hand pretty well.  Like I said, though, I am always looking around to see if there is something else that would better suit me. That’s when I came across A’ME Grips. After talking to them on the phone, they sent me a couple of pairs to use for a review. I ended up installing their MX Clamp on Full Waffle Lock on my KTM SX300 (  My first impression is great!  They come with cams for either 2 stroke or 4 stroke bikes all in the same package. This is particularly useful if you have different bikes, like I do. You don’t have to worry about ordering the right ones; just pick your color and you are good to go for any bike in your garage.

Like the other brands with lock-on style grips, they are really easy to install. The left tube just slid on with a couple taps from the rubber mallet and tighten of the screw (even the allen wrench is included in the package).  No glue, no wire tie-downs, and no waiting to ride!  You just slide them on, and they are ready to rip. The throttle tube took a little longer since you have to take the throttle housing apart. If you were wondering, yes, these grips come pre-attached to a brand new throttle tube.  Spiffy! For $24 you get new grips and a new throttle tube- that’s quite the bargain!

EMX Editor

When it comes to the actual grips themselves, I think they are great! The MX Full Waffle pattern worked well because I have huge hands compared to most riders (XXL Gloves). In addition to the diameter, the length of these grips are actually 1/2” longer than traditional grips. Again, for large hands this is excellent because it cuts down on the blisters from rubbing the edge of the grip against your thumb. I have personally crash tested them about 5 times, now, and the grips did not rip or show any sign of wear, thus far. Since the grips themselves are adhered to the plastic tube, they seem to be much more durable in event of a crash than typical glue and wire style grips.

Overall, the A’ME grips performed very well, have great fit, and look like they will last a while. Personally, I will start running these on all of my bikes as they seem to provide a great fit for larger hands. If you would like to check them out more or order some for yourself, check out their website at:

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