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Need some new Graphics? Racer Identity is here to keep us looking fresh and not break the bank!

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

Thanks for helping us out when it comes to getting some fresh EMX graphics for the upcoming season.

In addition to choosing cool designs, there are a lot of other factors that go into deciding where we get our next kit from. With a variety of materials, designs, and price points it can be trickier than it initially seems. So thanks for answering a few questions for our readers.

When it comes to graphics there are a lot of companies out there with price points ranging from $60-$270 per kit. What makes the cost vary so much?

There are a lot of factors that goes into deciding a price on graphics. Just like any business, the first factor would be material cost. Prices vary quite a bit from one vinyl manufacturer to the next. The second factor would be overhead. Basically a bigger operation will call for a higher price. We set our prices at one of the lowest prices you will find online at We are a home based business therefore we are able to keep our costs lower. We also haven’t been in business very long, compared to some of our competitors. We believe that keeping our price lower catches the eye of people competing in an ever more expensive sport.

At Racer Identity, What type of materials do you use? Is that the same stuff that the pro’s are using?

We use a 21 mil thick vinyl/laminate combination made by Substance Incorporated. This material is used by the majority of graphic companies in the industry, including the companies making graphics for the factory teams you see in supercross and pro motocross. The only difference you will find in our graphics and the graphics you’ll find in Ken Roczen’s bike is a thinner laminate; as they are replacing graphics every week and trying to save on weight.

In addition to Motocross and Quad graphics, do you offer any other products?

We can do much more than make graphics for your bike or quad. We can do helmet wraps and jersey printing, as well as everything from small die cut decals to full vehicle wraps. Basically any kind of vinyl or shirt printing we can handle.

What is the turn around time on graphic production? What all goes into making a fresh set?

Turn around time is normally just a couple of days on our semi custom designs. If it is a completely custom design that will generally take a little longer and depends on how long it takes the customer to approve a design. A fresh set starts with creating the artwork and having it approved. Once the artwork is approved we print the vinyl. After drying over night the vinyl goes through the laminator and then sent through our cutter. Once they are cut we seperate all the pieces, then package ship.

Getting the graphics to look awesome on the computer and getting them to look as good on the bike are two different stories. From past experience, graphics can be a real pain in the butt to install and keep them wrinkle free. Do you have any pro tips for us to make installation smoother?

We apply the most of our graphic dry. I recommend applying the graphics with the plastics on the bike. If the plastics aren’t moving around on you, it is much easier to apply. The number one way to make sure your graphic goes on, wrinkle and bubble free,  is to line up your holes and then apply the graphic following the curve of the plastic, starting in the middle and then working your way out.  If you are inexperienced at applying graphics you can wet apply them using lightly soapy water with no scents or harsh chemicals.

In addition to getting graphics on the bike, what can we do to make sure they stay on?

First things first, clean your plastic with 90% isopropyl alcohol. This is a strong cleaner that evaporates quickly. Second, HEAT! Heat is your friend! If you are a rider who generally starts wearing through your air box or side panel pieces quickly, you can heat up your plastic, which will allow the plastic to slightly expand. Apply the graphic while the plastic is still warm and this will give you a better hold. Like wise if you are having trouble with edges coming up keep applying heat. Also I’m sure this goes without saying, make sure your hands are clean. If your hands are dirty or oily, once you touch the adhesive with dirty hands, good luck getting it to stick.

Thanks again for the tips. If you need to get a fresh set for your bike make sure to contact Racer Identity for a quote. As we all know, a new set of graphics can easily add 5-8hp to your bike, so make sure they are fresh! The materials and quality are   the same if not better than the big name brands and you will save about $50 per set. For more information, check out their website at:

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