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Essential MX goes to school with Steve Mages #12

During the class that I took, the answer to improving on every obstacle or technique seemed to start with the same advice…”Proper Body Position.” How do we know as amateurs if we are riding the right way?

That’s the thing, a lot of riders can’t tell. That’s why you need a trainer or friend to watch you or have someone video. Then you can compare.

Before we started class, we talked about warming the body up prior to riding, how long should we warm up for? Do you have a set routine or do you switch it up?

I like to get on the stationary bike before practice or before the night show at sx or ax. Gets my blood flowing. It’s great for the start of the race, you don’t take two laps to get moving and you can get to work as soon as they gate drops.

Another area we touched on was having a pre-ride checklist so you don’t forget anything. Have you ever forgot anything at home? If so what was it?

It’s been a while since I’ve forgot something crucial but I have. Usually when I’m rushing to get packed is when I forget something so be proactive and show up to the races with a calm confident head.

During our class, we worked on specific areas of the track, for example; flat turns, berms, starts, and braking points. Do you have a different goal every time you get on the bike, or do you just see how you feel? Will just turning laps as fast as I can get me any faster?

I like to ride a short moto then get cooled down. Then hit it hard the next moto. Come back and think about where I was having trouble then go back to that section and hit it a lot to figure it out. Then later hit a moto or two more and try and be mistake free. Then notice where I’m most tired muscle wise, or the next day notice where I’m sore and then I’ll have a better understanding where my muscles are weakest and work that in the gym until I’ve overcome the weakness and soreness.

Starts are something that often gets overlooked, especially if you ride on open practice days when the track is busy, how often should we practice starts? How many should we do? Does it ruin my clutch?

Personally I don’t practice them often but if I feel like I haven’t been on my game will go and practice them. It won’t ruin the clutch as long as your not overly feathering them to an extent when doing the starts.

We know that riding is the best practice to get better, but most amateur riders can only ride once or twice per week. How often should they be doing off-track training? How about in the off-season?

Depends how serious you are.  I’d suggest gym 3 days a week, cycle 2-3 days a week. Run 2-3 days a week and ride 2-3 days a week.

I felt that you did a good job catering to each rider while also keeping the atmosphere light and fun, what tips do you have for parents that are trying to coach their kids?

Dude, I believe in keeping it fun. Nobody wants to do something they hate. Even if the rider did it wrong, and is struggling, pat them on the back and encourage them to try again and keep working on it, then you’ll see them improving,  because they believe they are getting better, which results in them actually getting better because they have faith in themselves and the process.

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