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EMX Track Review: MP County Line, Fountain, Florida

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

We recently had the opportunity to ride MP County Line over the holiday break.

We recently had the opportunity to ride MP County Line over the holiday break. Upon pulling in, we were greeted by Michelle and Iain Hayden, the track owners. They recently purchased the track but are not new to the sport by any means.  They own another track, Motopark, in Ontario, Canada, and are also riders themselves.  So, they know how to keep the place looking prime! In fact, a lot of the fellow riders made the commute from Canada to Florida, which is about 30 hours of driving.

The night before we rode there was a pretty heavy rain, but the track held the water well and was in perfect condition the next day due to the combination of sand, clay, and stellar grooming.  This mixture is perfect for motocross because it was pretty forgiving if you crash or tip over, but also firm enough to get some good ruts going while the jump faces remained in good shape. Also, I don’t think I saw one rock on the track in 4 days, which is pretty rare!

In addition to the awesome dirt, the Motocross track is busy with a variety of rollers, bowl turns with multiple line choices, elevation changes, and some pretty big jumps with safe landings. We saw kids on mini bikes riding around the track and having just as much fun as the A riders. In addition to the main motocross track, there are also 2 Arenacross tracks and a kids track on site that are also kept maintained and ready to rip.

Initially, we were planning on only riding at MP County Line for one or two days, but ended staying for 4 days because it was so much fun: from hanging out with Iain, Michelle, and the other riders from all over, and of course ripping the track.  This is definitely the place to go if you want to make a family trip to moto. There was a great sense of community compared to other tracks where you feel more like a transaction.  At one point, I needed a hand fixing something on my bike and, between a few of us, we got it squared away.  So, the camaraderie was much appreciated!

In addition to the track, they also have a workout room about the size of a one car garage that is equipped with some free weights, kettle bells, Concept 2 Rower, Exercise Bikes, and a treadmill. We liked this because it was a great place to warm up, cool down, and do some workouts for both the riders and non-riders.  Another perk was the shower/restroom facility. There were real showers and toilets on site and free to use for anyone at the track. This is a nice change from smelly porta-potties. If you call ahead, there are also camping sites with electric and water hookups available.

We have included some pictures of us ripping the track so you can see for yourself.  This track was by far the highlight of our trip, and we will definitely be back in the future! For more information, check out their website at:

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