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EMX Track Review: Martin MX Park

After hearing a lot of great things about this awesome track in Martin, Michigan, we had to check it out for ourselves. While at the track, we asked questions, took pictures, and got all the info you will need to have a fun day.

In case you haven't heard of it before, Martin MX Park is about an hour north east of world famous Red BUUUUUD MX. Martin MX Park is a practice only facility that’s open almost every weekend and one day during the week for the riding season. Check out their website Here for details.

Since it’s geared for practicing, they do not have any electric hookups or an abundance of water spouts available to fill your RV. So, make sure to plan accordingly with a generator. There is some shade available, but you will definitely need to bring a canopy since it’s mostly full sun; especially if you park near the beginner track. Safety is also paramount as they have a full staff of flaggers every day the track is open, including mid-week ride days.

Though we packed our own food, Doug’s Good Time Roasting and BBQ Shack LLC equipped with a smoker is on-site with a tasty selection of BBQ. Our recommendation…get the pulled pork sandwich!

In regards to the main track, it’s fair to say it was prepped to perfection. They groomed for 4 hours the night before and used ~60,000 gallons of water, and watered again with another ~20,000 gallons and turned in the morning. The track was prime, and that is not just the goal, it’s the expectation!

When we talked to the owner about it, he assured us that if he cannot provide this quality of track, then they will not open. We certainly like to hear that; especially if it’s a long weekend away from home. The last thing you want to do is drive 4 hours to a baked out track that ruins a set of tires!

Overall, the dirt was very loamy, carves deep ruts, and builds into rough track conditions with a lot of bumps by the afternoon. The ideal tire would be something with a soft/intermediate compound. The jumps are about as safe as you can find at any track that we have been to, and the track is plenty wide for passing or battling with friends. The biggest jumps on the track are two larger step-up type doubles with large flat landings. These can be easily cleared by a beginner or aired out about 95 feet with some solid hang time and some big whips.

The track staff does a great job of picking up loose rocks. So, you won’t see many! Also, if you want to get some sick corner shots to post on your Facebook or make into a fathead, this track has a few that you can just lay it over and rip!

In addition to the deep corners, there are a variety of obstacles including rhythm jumps, turns (flat, off camber, S), rollers, dragon's back, deep ruts, and two bigger step-ups that are also novice-friendly. Whether you are training for Loretta's, a pro-national, or just a good workout, this track has everything you need to challenge and improve your skills.

Overall, we will be back again in the near future and will be bringing more friends with us! The staff is clearly passionate; which affects everything from track prep, layout, and safety concerns. Here are some more pics from the day to see for yourself!

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Joe Carlino
Joe Carlino
Aug 16, 2018

Nice Article EMX! Keep up the good work!



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