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EMX Product Review: KLIM XC Lite Gear

Most motocross riders aren’t used to seeing Klim gear packing the gates on the weekends on TV or your local races, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t new to the game. Klim has been a staple for high quality gear based on their reputation from snow and enduro racing. Their stuff is heavy duty, built to last, and withstand a lot of abuse from tree branches, rocks, and crashes. Klim recently released a more moto friendly gear called XC lite.

Upon opening the package this gear is how it sounds, very light. It has a lot of venting on both the pants and jersey which keeps air flow at all times. In addition to the lightweight breathable materials, it’s also very flexible and allows you to move on the bike very easily. In fact, it feels like you are wearing gym shorts and a long sleeve shirt, that’s how comfortable it is. I am a larger rider with big legs and some pants don’t fit over my legs, especially once my CTI knee braces are on. But with these, everything fit perfect and had enough room to bend and maneuver the bike freely.

Another main selling point is that Klim gear is built to last. at $160 for a Pant and Jersey set, it’s great that it can withstand more than a tip without ruining the Jersey or ripping a hole in the pants. Just with that alone, I will be buying more sets of this throughout the season. There are 4 color combinations available for this season to choose from.

To order some for yourself check out their website at

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