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EMX Product Review: Erased Products

Recently we have been on a quest to find the best bike wash products for keeping our steeds looking as good as possible. Our first test was with the Slick Racing products, if you missed it, check it out here. To summarize, we thought it was a cool idea, but didn’t really replace anything that we were already doing as far as cleaning our bikes. In addition, it was a little pricy at $49, plus another $40 for the foam cannon.

Upon our search for the best bike cleaning products available, we stumbled across Erased Products. This company initially started developing a wash and wax solution for cleaning boats while adding protection at the same time. As it turns out, these also work pretty good on other vehicles too including campers, trucks, side by sides, and of course dirt bikes.

The wash kit we tested included their all-Purpose degreaser, wash and wax solution, and spray cleaner and polish.

We used it after a day of riding on my CRF450R. I ended up riding it at a track that was pretty dry and dusty so it didn’t look too dirty from 10 feet away. However, once you got close, it was easy to see that dust and fine dirt particles were everywhere.

The instructions for using Erased Products is as follows:

1. Rinse the bike down with the power washer as I normally do to get the big stuff off.

2. Coat the bike in degreaser and hit it with a brush to break up tough to remove dirt/mud/grease.

3. Rinse off the degreaser.

4. Coat the bike with wash and wax from the foam cannon.

5. Scrub the bike with a brush and/or wash mit.

6. Rinse the soap off.

7. Dry with towel and apply Spray Shine and Protectant.

Let’s start our review by breaking down the products individually.

The first degreaser product did a good job on getting the rear hub clean from when chain lube and dirt stick to it. After the initial rinse, I just soaked it down and let the product sit for about a minute or so before power washing it off.

The rear sprocket also looks really clean and there isn’t any gunk stuck on the chain. Besides that, it’s what you would expect from a degreaser and did not corrode the finish on the metal surfaces.

Next up is the wash and wax. This is more of a liquid consistency compared to the slick products that was more like a dish soap. Once it’s sprayed through the cannon, it made a nice foam that covered the bike completely. Based on the smell, it’s made with some type of citrus. After washing with a brush, the foam rinses pretty easily and leaves the bike with a nice shine. It especially made the metal rims and swingarm look really good as pictured above.

The final step includes the spray shine if you really want to give your bike the extra bling factor. Compared to other products we have tested, this is a little different. The previous products are silicon based, smell like fruit loops, and gives the plastic a nice shine to cover scratches. While the Erased Products also has a shine, their product has wax in it too which is noticeable once you spray it on, especially bare metal. With that said, it does need wiped off or else will leave a white haze like if you wax your car. Once wiped off, it leaves your surfaces feeling really smooth and glossy. I’m looking forward to seeing how this works with helping to keep the bike clean during the next ride. Note: I would not use this on the seat or side of the bike where your legs grip or brake rotors because it will make them slippery. I stuck to the front number plate, fenders, rims, ect. Another added bonus is that using this on my SG12 boots made them look new again too.

Overall Erased Products tested really well and we will continue using it in the future. It made the cleaning process pretty easy, worked well, and left me feeling that my bike is looking good and protected for the next ride out. It also is a better value since the price point is lower than most of the other competition in the market.

To order some for yourself, visit their website at

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